Text Sessions

We now offer text sessions via Yahoo messenger for only $.75 minute with a 15 minute minimum. Perfect for when you want to talk to mommy or granny or set up playtime with the babysitter but can't be on the phone.

To set up your text session you can ..

1. Call 1 877 856 WILD and give your information to the dispatcher along with your Yahoo name and who you'd like to chat with - She will take your payment information and have the Mommy, Granny, Auntie, or Babysitter IM you to get started within a few minutes.

2. Send an email to APhoneMommy@yahoo.com to set up your text session.

3. PM APhoneMommy on Yahoo if available

(not all ladies are available for text sessions - but most are, call dispatch to be sure, but only call when you are ready to order your session)