Mommy Val

Hi all of my naughty Abies and pretty little sissy girls! Mommy Val is here and ready to take care of her precious babies. I've been having babies since I was 18 years old and I just love taking care of Abies now that my kids have left the house. I'm a real life mommy with real adult babies that I play with every day. I'm the sweet gentle loving mommy that you have been looking for. I'm a lifestyle mommy who will nurture you and take care of all of your needs.

I know you love the way mommy changes your diapy. I always make sure to clean that bottom good and fill you full of cold diaper rash cream. I don't want my baby to get a rash - so I lather it all over that butt of yours. I also love to fill you full of powder to keep you dry.

I lay you down to play with your toys while I go get you your bottle so I can rock my baby. If you won't take the bottle, mommy has to pull out one of my breasts to breastfeed her baby so he can grow big and strong!

I specialize in ABDL - wet and messy diaper changing, breastfeeding, age play, feeding time, bath time fun, play dates, spanking when you're a bad baby, and potty training.

Call a real mommy who loves her Abies and knows how to treat them.

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