Miss Trisha

Hello there little one. This is Miss Trisha. I am a real life mommy, real life preschool teacher, and real life ABDL enthusiast! Dealing with little children all day is a thrill, but not nearly as satisfying and fun as dealing with my abies I play with in the late afternoon and evening. That's when I have my real fun!

I'm a real life mommy of two, so I have lots of experience with babies (good and bad), diapering, nursing (I love breastfeeding!), punishing, and potty training. I love playing with my sweet little ones and enjoying that special together time that only mommy and baby can relate to.

I love age regression fantasies - for my man to regress back to that sweet innocent time when he needed his mommy for all of his needs. I cater to all aspects of ABDL. Whether you're a diaper loving adult baby, in to age regression fantasies, need a mommy to satisfy your fantasies, or need a strict figure to punish and train you, I am the woman you need. I do it all - roleplays, babysitting, age regression, diapering, nursing, spanking, potty training, diaper punishment, age play, incest fantasies, and more.

Call Mommy now. I'm waiting.

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