Hello there little man . It's Mommy Suzette. I am a real life mommy, wife, babysitter, auntie, and Mistress. I have been taking care of both good and bad little girls and boys for the past 20 years and loving every second of it. I specialize in all aspects of the AB/DL lifestyle, but of course I have my favorite things too!

I am a mommy who believes that babies should be well behaved, and if you are not, there is going to be hell to pay. Mommy is loving and caring, but if you get out of order, then you will be spanked and disciplined as I see fit. If you act out - every thing from time outs to diaper punishments, spanking, whipping, and humiliation may be used.. so think carefully before you act like a bad baby! Of course if you are well behaved, then Mommy will surely treat you like the little prince or princess that you are, spoiling you with kisses, attention, gifts and goodies, and lots and lots of playtime.

Mommy loves everything from diapering to dress up, playtime, feeding (nursing too), age regression, spanking, and discipline and humiliation if you are bad and Mommy decides that is what you need.

I am a classy Mommy who gets what she wants and always has. Mommy has been a player in the ABDL lifestyle since before I was married, and I just love keeping lots of abies around to play with. My children are grown up, but I plan to keep you young forever! Call Mommy now.

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