Hello there my pet,

I am Miss Stacey. I am a no nonsense mommy, teacher, nanny, and disciplinarian. I have no problem with corporal punishment, spanking, time outs, or diaper punishments if you are naughty and do not listen. I definitely know how to deal with a mouthy abie or an unruly child. I'm dominant by nature and grew up under the theory of sparing the rod, spoils the child, and no one likes a spoiled brat.

I especially love adult babies who are in need of some discipline and rules. When mommies can't handle their bad babies, they send you to me and let me whip you in to shape (literally and figuratively). If you are resisting potty training, a few days with me and my diaper punishments is all it takes. If you are being naughty and not listening to mommy, a few bare bottom spankings and you will learn very quickly how to act. If you are in to age regression, I will nurture and coddle you and teach you how to be the perfect little angel.

I'm a real life mommy, teacher, and nanny with real life experience and real life stories to share. I'm not soft and fluffy, but I am definitely loving, patient, and kind - until you act up, and then you're in big trouble .. but if you are a good boy, then you will definitely be rewarded for your good behavior. I can't wait to turn you in to my very special little angel!

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