Mommy Sonya

Hello I'm Mommy Sonya. When you enter my world I want you to rest assured that you're entering the world in which we both share. I am a true fetishist. I understand that only a special mommy can understand your need to be pampered and loved to the fullest. I especially cater to diaper lovers I love to change my babies.

Come into my nursery and I will put you on the changing table so we can say “bye bye” to those awful stinky poopy pants. I will powder your delicate little boy bottom and sing songs to you as I rub the cream into your little privates.

We all need to escape from the boring adult world so escape with me. Let me take you back to a time when you were things are not so rushed as you give me complete control. I can also help you gain a great sexual release as you let yourself go with me. No worries, it's just us and I do understand. Call me and let me be the diaper loving Mommy of your dreams.

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