Babysitter Shelly
Hey there. Your favorite babysitter is here. I'm here to take care of you while mommy and daddy are out having adult fun. You know you love spending time with me because I'm so cute and bubbly and you love to try to flirt with me, but I don't let you get away with that nonsense! I'm the babysitter and I'm here to watch you and what I say goes! Your mommy hires me a few times a month to take care of you and we definitely have a strong bond, don't you think? People say I'm a bratty little princess, but I think that makes me a better babysitter because I don't put up with your little games. I always get my way!. I love playing silly little games with baby. I love to dress you up like a pretty little girl and have you dance around like a pretty little princess. I like to pretend that you are my little sister and I get to teach you how to be a good girl. I always dress cute and girly, so I'm the perfect one to teach you how to dress up too.I also love naptime routines - I love to give baby a bath and change your diapy, powder your bottom, put on your footie pjs, read you a story, and tuck you in to bed. I love to sneak in to your parents room and soak in your mommy's jacuzzi tub. It's so relaxing after a stressful day of chasing baby. I have caught you three times sneaking out of your room and creeping in to the bathroom and catching me naked in the tub. The next time - I'm going to really give you a show! Whatever happens to you - you will be ordered not to tell mommy or daddy. What we do when I babysit you is our little secret remember? I do it all - so give me a call and let's play. I love adult babies, babysitter roleplays, guided masturbation, forced fantasies, diaper play, spanking, infantalism, age regression, sissy boys, and being your favorite babysitter!
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