Babysitter Shay

Hi there! I'm Shay, I'm I just turned 18 years old, but every one says that I am super responsible. I live in the same apartment complex as Logan and watch her little boy all of the time as well as a lot of other little kids in the neighborhood. I'm still a kid so I love being little ones and having fun together. I have all sorts of games that we can play hehe.

I have lots of experience with babies, sissies, diaper lovers, fussy babies, and family fun! I have no problem changing diapys, feeding, play time, bath time, disclipling bad babies, working on potty training while mommy isn't home, or just being your best friend and favorite play thing! Your babysitter is here to entertain you. What does baby want to do today I wonder.

I'm very gentle and loving unless you are naughty - then I have to be firm. Mommy told me that it's ok to spank your bare bottom if you misbehave. You know babysitter Shay will make that bottom red and sting if you don't listen to me! I know you don't want that. Don't make sitter be strict with baby - I am not afraid to punish you if I have to - time outs, force you to sit in your messy diapy, spanking, forced feedings, etc. Be a good boy and you'll have a lot more fun!

It's summer time so I'm not in school and I'm available to sit 24 hours a day. I am great with kids and would love to keep baby entertained all day long!

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