Hello Baby!! Welcome to my nursery. I’m Mommy Samantha and I just can’t wait to “pway” with you!!!

I’m a very caring, nurturing Mommy. I know you love to be pampered and treated like the special ABie you are! My nursery is full of the delights all babies crave from the sweet smell of baby lotion to the endless supply of Mother’s milk that I give you directly from my breasts or in your very favorite baby bottle!

I enjoy sweet, loving role plays that showcase you as my pride and joy. I am not much into strict punishments or harsh humiliation. I do enjoy a little sissification, however. I have ALWAYS wanted a sweet, little girl of my own!

I’m a gentle caretaker in the truest of senses. I love giving kisses before nappies and cuddles before bath time. Mommy just loves making her baby feel safe and warm while we explore the things that make your little pee pee hard and wet!

For a true, loving and caring experience look to me for all your ABie desires. I am sure you will walk away feeling as if we were really together! Call me now, I will be waiting with open arms!

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