Granny Marilyn

I am Granny Marilyn. I had my children when I was young and wild and now that I'm older and more experienced, I find myself loving to be around naughty little boys. I am a strict Granny who expects nothing but the best from my little boys. I have no problem handling bratty babies or disciplining unruly abies. Granny always gets her way!

When baby is sad, you can come and sit on Granny's lap and cry it out, but if throw a temper tantrum, then you know Granny will have to punish you! If you're a good boy though - you know Granny has the best "treats" in town. Playing with my abies and chasing wild children keeps Granny in shape and feeling young.

No matter how mommy spoils you, nothing will compare to the time you spend with Granny. I am strict, but I love to coddle, nurture, and comfort you. You will always feel happy around your Granny. I specialize in every thing from TLC to disciplining tantrum throwing toddlers, diapering, bath time, potty training, and feeding time. Granny's house has all of the necessities to take care of baby for a very long time.

Come spend some time with Granny and let's have some fun together. Nothing compares to Granny's feedings, diaper changing, bath time, and play time. Don't keep Granny waiting too long.

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