Nanny Mai Lin

When you’re looking for the one who understands then you can find no better. My name is Mai Lin and I am the ultimate experience in adult baby care that you can find. Not only am I young (just graduated high school this year) but I bring to the table my own experiences. I just love to play the role with you and love wearing disposable diapers! Believe me I know how good that cottony material can feel!

I am a caring Nanny who loves to cure all your potty problems with a good dose of sugar and sweetness. I will coddle you as I teach you how to go to the big boy potty or I will coo at you as I change your wetsy nappy. Either way, you can’t go wrong with me if you’re looking for a tender young touch.

I’m new here and I am excited to meet and play with the AB’s that call this site home. Remember Nanny Mai Lin is always naughty and nice at the same time!

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