Hey there sweet ones. It's Mommy Lola. I am here to make every thing all better. I am recently divorced and missing having little ones around the house, so I have started to babysit again. I have babies of all ages - from infants to adult babies who need a hot mommy to change them, dress them, feed them, love them, and nurture them.

I am a Mommy with experience in the ABDL lifestyle. I love diaper lovers, especially those who enjoy the thick cloth diapers between their legs. I love to lay you down, lift your bottom, and slide a cloth diapy right under your bottom. I love the way it makes you bottom look big under your pants. Especially with those rubber pants over top to make sure there are no leaks.

I have natural D cups that have nursed many babies. I love to hold and cradle you in my arms as you latch on and start to suckle at my ample breasts. Feel me stroke your hair as you nurse.  It won't be long before that diaper is full and you will need to be changed again. A Mommy's work is never done, but lucky for me, I love every second of it!

Give Mommy a call and let me take good care of you..  The kind of care that only a mommy can give.
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