Granny Linda

Hi there sweet little ones. I am Granny Linda and I'm the loving, nurturing, sweet granny that you love to visit. You know when you're at Grandma's house, you are going to have lots of good times, lots of yummy treats, and will always leave with a smile on your face. Granny takes care of you so good when you leave, you will always have a smile on your face.

Granny loves infantalism - and now that you are growing up to be such a big boy, I want to keep you little. I love seeing my little grandson in diapys or pull ups and drinking out of a bottle. I want to keep you as young as possible for as long as possible. I love having you rely on granny for every thing from feeding to changing, bath time, and dressing you. I love being needed and catering to my little boy's every whim and need.

I'm in to spoiling my abies - I'm not a hardcore dommy mommy or strict mommy. I'm more in to kisses, nursery rhymes, patty cake, and giving my sweet little boys lots of love, attention, and of course baby applesauce! Granny is here to spoil her sweet boys, not spank them. Granny is sweet and patient and ready to pamper her baby now.

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