Aunt Karen

Hey there! It's Aunt Karen! I'm the wild fun partying Karen that you love to spend time with. I have never settled down and had children of my own, but I'm the auntie who keeps all of your secrets, who plays special "secret" games with you, and who loves to play dress up!

You love coming over to Auntie Karen's house because we love to put on all of my sexy clothes - my lingerie, my panties, my stockings, my heels, my dresses, make up. Everythin in Aunt Karen's room makes you feel like a pretty little girl and you know that you are allowed to be a pretty little sissy with me and I won't ever tell!

I love all sorts of roleplaying and especially adore dressing you up and parading you around time like my very own personal doll. Don't you wanna be my sweet little princess baby!? I'm wild, I'm fun, I'm open minded, and I promise that all of your secrets are safe with me. So call me and let's see what kind of fun games we can play today - or let's hit the closet and I can dress us up like twins! What fun that will be! hehe.

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