Granny Johanna

Of course you miss your grand ma ma, baby boy. That's why you're here. I am Johanna and I will love and coddle you through all your insecurities.

You just need to escape from all the pressure you've been under lately. Don't worry all you have to do is climb into Grandma's bed. I will hold you to my breast and sing sweet songs in your ear to sooth you. I will stroke your hair and give you a binky and tell you stories.

Grandma loves to spoil her babies. I specialize in diaper lovers, Abies, and age regression. I love to make you feel warm and safe. I also love to play with sissies and girly boys. Nap time fantasies are my favorite. I love to play the role of nurturer though so if you're looking for a hardcore Mommy I am not for you.

Prepared to be spoiled and pampered in my bed. You will always feel so safe and warm with me.

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