Mommy Jessica

Hi baby boy! Mommy Jessica here and I'm ready for some fun with my sweet little baby. I'm a loving nurturing mommy who just adores cuddling, coddling, feeding, and changing my precious little one. I'm sweet and gentle, patient, and kind, and always here to kiss your boo boo and make it all better - like only mommy can.

I don't like to spank and discipline, I'd rather us share playtime and if you are naughty, me sit you down and explain to you like a big boy what you did wrong and how to go about being a good boy for mommy from now on. But if that doesn't work - I have no problem turning you over my knee!

Mommy has been involved in the abdl lifestyle for over 10 years and I just love adult babies - giving them their bottles, feeding them, bath time with ducky, changing them and freshening their little bottoms, and dressing them. My children are teenagers now and I miss having someone need me for all of their wants and desires. Mommy is here to make you feel good and loved and to show you the good things in life.

Mommy specializes in age regression fantasies, diaper lovers, and adult babies who need a mommy. My voice will soothe even the most cranky abie and my soft touch and caress is sure to lull you in to secure safe place with mommy. In my nursery, I believe in spoiling baby with lots of love and attention. Come play with mommy.

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