When I was at the tender young age of 5 I discovered how good diapys felt against my sweet little pee pee when I would still my baby sister's diapers. I would sit in my room for hours rubbing the diapers into my little girl privates while sucking my thumb.

I'm a bit older now, but I'm still a very wee little baby inside. I just wuv to play horsey with Daddy while he talks baby talk to me. I love it when Daddy tells me that I am his sweet special girl and how it is always going to be ok for me to potty in my diapys instead of the big girl potty. Daddy always loves to pat my padded diaper bottom. This makes me ohhhhhh so happy.

I can be a bit spoiled sometimes too. It's ok, you do what you must to keep me in line! I know that sometimes I deserve a swift, hard spanking sometimes. I know I can be a bit whiney but please don't make me go to bed without my
ba ba!

Call me Daddy for a truly submissive AB experience you'll never forget .

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