Hi there! I'm Iris and I guess you could say that I am the best of both worlds. I have been heavily involved in the AB/DL lifestyle since I was in high school and it continued with me throughout college, through two marriages to adult babies, and continues even now as I'm in my 40's. I have been a Mommy to an adult baby, but I've also been a diaper wearing baby myself and truth be told, I'm not sure which I love more.

I love the feel of diapers against my skin. I have experience with both cloth diapers with rubber panties and also disposables. It just depends on my mood which one I go for. I love the feeling of the warmth when I pee and the helplessness of needing someone to change me when I mess my diaper.

I also love being mommy - needed, loving, caring, and your caretaker no matter what you need - a bath, feeding/nursing, potty training, diaper changing, and of course punishment or spankings if you are a bad baby.

I don't paint myself in to a corner with just one title - I just love every thing about the AB/DL lifestyle and the joy it brings to me and so many others that I know. I love age regression, I love diapers, I love punishments and humiliation, I love dress up, and I love playing with men and women who are just as passionate as I am.

We could even get another mommy to play with us and we could both be babies - wouldn't that be SO fun!? I'm getting all giddy thinking about it hehe. Call me and let's have fun!

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