Hi boys! It's Granny Irene. I am 53 years old - a mother of four and grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren. I started having my babies young and then once the grandkids started, I realized that I never want a house that isn't full of babies - both infants and adult. I am the nurturing loving granny and mother that many of you have dreamt about. The one who kisses boo boos, has cookies and milk waiting after school, who listens to you, doesn't judge you, teaches you, praises you, and hates when I have to discipline you.

I have been changing diapers for decades and it never gets old. I love tending to your every whim and need. I adore age regression back to infancy where you just want to be coddled and held and talk baby talk to me. Don't be fooled though, Granny will turn you over my knee if I absolutely have to and give you a spanking if you are bad, but I would much rather love on my little man!

When you are looking for a mature Granny and Mommy who has lots of experience with babies, then I am definitely the one for you. Whenever I don't have my grandkids over, I am available for lots of playtime with my other babies - my adult babies. Give me a call and let's play.

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