Mommy Felicia

I’m Mommy Felicia and I love my boys who need a little extra attention. I love my boys who look at my bountiful breasts not for the beauty of my milky white, smooth skin, but for the warm, sweet, milk inside of them. I begin lactating knowing you are watching me, comforted by my soothing voice and ample breasts.

I want to hold you, cradling you as a babe in a blanket and lower my nipple to your eager mouth. I know you like it when I brush my nipple across your mouth to make you open up and accept my nipple.

Once you have finished off both my breast, let me burp you, getting all the gas out of your system. I know how everyone judges what gives you comfort, I won’t; you’re safe with Mommy Felicia.

I’m lactating for you, give me a call to taste my goodness.

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