Hi there little ones. I am Mommy Eve and I'm here to do all of the things that mommies are supposed to do for their little ones. I'm here to give you lots of hugs and kisses, change your diaper, dress you up, take you out for fun excursions, teach you to be a good little boy, and punish you if you decide to be bad. I love feeding and bath time too, and mommy's supple breasts are perfect for suckling while I breastfeed you before bed.

Mommy has lots of experience with babies of all ages and sizes. From the infants in the nursery to those grown up abies who love age regression fantasies - I am the Mommy for you. I have been active in the ABDL lifestyle for many years and have dated and was married to an adult baby/diaper lover for over 15 years. Mommy has definitely changed her share of diapers and nurtured many babies including my three sons that are now grown and living on their own. Mommy now gets to have fun with her grandkids and the abies she meets on the phone.

So I'm a Mommy and a Granny - what more could you want? I love everything from age regression to diaper lovers, spanking and paddling (and all sorts of time outs and punishments), sissy babies, and breast feeding.

Come play with mommy now. All of my boys have grown up and moved away, so Mommy is very lonely in this big house all alone. If you make mommy wait too long, she may just have to spank you!

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