Mommy Dommy Elaine

You sit down in that chair, young man! Legs together, back straight! That's right, I'm your new favorite Mommy Dommy, Elaine. I started training wayward Abies three years ago and I love it so much that I started doing this over the phone full time.

I am very strict and stern disciplinarian. I will toilet train you harshly. If you make a mistake you'll be forced to wear your wet diapy all night. I don't mess around, if you want to be a big boy you will need to stop wetting and shitting yourself. I specialize in harsh humiliation, pee pee degradation, diaper punishment, forced infantilism, forced breast feeding, toilet training and physical punishments.

I used to work with foster kids and this gave me the background that I need to make YOU behave. Whether I am standing you in the corner for making messes or making you waddle around in front of your friends for being an incontinent little brat I am definitely the Mommy Dommy for you. Call me and let's get started.

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