This is Dylan, and I'm your babysitter for the day. I know I look like a baby myself, but that's why you like me. I'm sweet and young, but I know all of the fun games to play, plus we have all of those secrets that we keep just between us that no one else knows about. When mommy and daddy go out, we always have the best time!

When I'm not at school, I'm a full time babysitter for babies of all ages. I love all aspects of the ABDL lifestyle and plan to be active in it for life. I love age regression fantasies, diaper lovers, babysitting fun, diaper punishments and potty training, and even spanking if baby is being really naughty!

After you spend time with me sweet one, you will never let another babysitter come take care of you. Only Dylan knows how to make our time together extra special. We can play all kinds of special games together, and I will even let you try on all of my pretty girly clothes if you want to. I love playing dress up with baby! I can make you look like my pretty little sister and we can go to the park, or we can just play with your blocks and read stories together, whatever my sweet baby is in the mood for. I'm young and versatile and promise you will have a blast with your new favorite babysitter!

Come play with me now, my calendar books up quickly hehe.

Hey there!

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