Mommy Debra

Hello there little man. It's Mommy Debra. I'm the young hip mommy who doesn't take any sass from my babies. I am strict and I am firm, but do have a loving, gentle, nurturing side when you are a good boy. I'm not afraid to spank you at the first sign of disrespect - placing you over my knee and spanking you until your bottom is red (using my hand, a wooden spoon, a belt, or spatula should drive the point home).

I also do not tolerate pissy babies who wet the bed or mess in their big boy underwear. If you have an accident, you better be prepared to be forcefully diapered and sit in the corner and then spanked for each accident you had. You have to be potty trained to be a big boy!

I specialize in all aspects of the lifestyle, but lean a little more towards the punishment side of things - potty training, spanking, forced breastfeeding, diaper punishments, enemas, time outs, and forced feminization. If you are a naughty boy, you may end up in ruffle butt panties, a pink lacey dress, pageant socks, a bonnet, and sweet little shoes and then I will show you off as my pretty little girl.

When you need some discipline in your life and an experienced mommy who doesn't tolerate games and nonsense, then you need Mommy Debra. Call me now like a good boy!

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