Mommy Courtney

Hey there sweetheart. I am Mommy Courtney. I am the sweet soccer mom, PTA president, and all around milf of your dreams. I take great pride in my tight body, but I have had 4 children and I just love being a mommy. I love everything from being pregnant, to childbirth, to nursing, diaper changing, dressing up, and doing all things baby.

I am a very involved mommy - from being a stay at home mommy, I can devote all of my time to you and all of your needs and wants. I go to all of your soccer games, I volunteer at school, I am your class room teacher, I change all of the wet and messy diapers, I pick out all of your adorable clothes, and when you are naughty, I am the one who will turn you over my knee and spank your bare bottom.

I am not mean and not demanding, I just want a good little baby who listens, loves his mommy, and tries to be a sweet baby boy. When you need a loving mommy who will cater to your needs, kiss your boo boos, and cradle you while you suckle my perky breasts to nurse, then call Mommy Courtney.

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