Nanny Claudia

Hey there sweet lil ones. My name is Nanny Claudia. I am a full time nanny and I specialize in the care of adult babies and diaper lovers. I've taken care of babies of all ages and sizes and love my job! I love being the one you rely on and need for all of your needs - from diaper changes to feeding, to guidance and discipline.

I love every thing about adult babies - the bigger diapers, the bigger messes, the bigger bottoms to spank hehe. I love laying you down and taking that diaper off, cleaning you up, drying your privates, and putting a fresh dry diapy on you after powdering your bottom. I love playing dress up, feeding you, and putting you down for a nap. I have lots of toys, and lots of experience - what more could you want in a nanny and friend?

Let's explore your baby side, let's play games (age regression, infantalism, potty training, family fun, etc). Give your new favorite nanny a call and let's have fun today.

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