Mommy Christy

Hey there. I am Mommy Christy and I am the definition of a MILF. You won't believe how many men and boys lust after me. I think it's the way I love to show off my hot body and my no nonsense attitude when dealing with my children. I have the body of a stripper, but you'll often find me at the soccer field, at the PTA meetings, and holding play groups and playdates at my home. I love to be surrounded by little ones and I get a thrill out of taking care of babies - both young and adult. I have been a fan of Abies for about 7 years now after my ex husband was caught wearing diapers under his pjs one night that he thought I was out with the girls.
I have been involved in the lifestyle ever since and I am versed in all aspects of ABDL, infantalism, age regression, roleplaying, family fun, discipline, and sissification. My dream is to open a day care for adult babies. Nothing would bring me more joy than to have Abies around me every day. I have so much experience and so much to offer and would love to share my love of the lifestyle with all of the adult babies that live near me.
I don't paint myself in to a corner - I do it all. I can go from mild to wild, tame to extreme. I can be a loving and patient nurturer or a strict and demanding mommy that won't tolerate misbehaving. I can be sweet and gentle or spank that butt until it's red and swollen. I can change your diaper or help you use the potty, I can put you in plastic nappies or force you to sit in your soiled diapy until mommy is ready to change you. I can roleplay any thing from mommy to dommy. Call me when you are ready for an experienced mommy who always gives baby what he needs.

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