Hey there naughty boy, Mommy Cheryl here. I am a real life mommy and lover of spanking naughty little bottoms - either for discipline or just for fun. I love to turn good and bad little babies over my knee, bare bottomed, and spank their tushes until my hand print can be seen on those cheeks. I love to hear the crack of my soft hands smacking your bottom, the sting on my hand as it makes contact, and the way you clench your butt cheeks and brace yourself for the next smack.

I prefer to use my hands, but if you are really in need of a good scolding, then I have no problem bringing out the paddles, the belts, the wooden spoons from the kitchen drawer, a switch from the tree out back, or even the bottom of my high heels. Anything that is going to make that bottom red and sting is all right with me.

Can you handle mommy's spankings? Can you handle being laid over my knee and at my mercy? Let's see what a big brave boy you are. Call Mommy now and then prepare to be spanked like never before. My four kids are used to it now - so now it's your turn to experience a Cheryl spanking.

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