Mommy Candy

Hey there. It's Mommy Candy here. I'm a spunky redheaded step mom, soccer mom, PTA president, and hot neighbor up the street. I am a step mom to four "wonderful" spoiled brats. They are a handful that often need to be turned over my knee and spanked, punished, put in time outs, humiliated in public if they act out, and expected to always do what mommy says! I never intended to take on a ready made family, but here I am. Even though I'm a step mommy, I still have to be me - the sexy clothes, the hair the makeup, the pumps. I'm the hot step mommy that my step sons and their friends all fantasize about!

I've been with them from infancy so I have experience with diapers, changing, potty training, punishment, spanking, and every thing in between. The clincher is that even though I married for money and social status, my husband is a diaper lover. He travels a lot but when he is not on business, he is home wearing his diapers under his jeans, and even sometimes he has one on under his Armani suit at work. He's been a diaper lover since college (and that was A LONG time ago!) - so I have a lot of experience with diaper loving men as well.

I may not know what it is like to birth a child, but I definitely know how to be a mommy to babies of all ages and sizes. I'm a class act who has no problem putting you in your place, but mommy also knows how to kiss boo boos as well - so call Mommy Candy now.

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