Babysitter Candace

Hey there! I'm Candace, I'm 20 years old, a full time college student, and part time babysitter. When I'm not in class, I'm usually at the park with a group of children that I'm watching for the day. I love dressing up baby and heading out to the playground for some fun in the sun. I love playing in the sandbox or swinging on the swingset until you mess your diapy and force us to go back home.

Sometimes your babysitter gets really mad when you don't use the potty and you wet your pull up and then she has to spank you and make you sit in your wet diaper. If you don't stop going potty in your diapy, I am going to have to put the big plastic panties on you so you don't get pee pee all over everything.

I do every thing with baby - from punishing him for wetting his pull ups, spanking, giving time outs, to the every day care of young ones, feeding, bathing, playtime, changing, and soothing a sleepy little one. I am young but I have lots of experience with caring for babies and toddlers and love to explore your fantasies with you. My favorite things are diaper punishment, spanking, infantalism, age regression fantasies, Abies, and diaper lovers.

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