Hey there!  It's Babysitter Beth and I'm the wild naughty babysitter of your wildest dreams. I am the open minded one that you can tell all of your deepest darkest fantasies and secrets to. I am the one who will help you explore all of those fantasies and desires. I can be your secret keeper and teach you hands on about the birds and bees. I can be your mommy when your real Mommy isn't home.

I can be your everything. I am a part time college student and full time babysitter to babies and kids of all ages. I have lots of experience diapering bottoms - both in disposable and cloth diapers. I have experience with bath time and feeding, and we can have tons of fun playing dress up. How about I bring over some goodies and I can dress you up like a pretty little princess and take you to the park or the mall. Oh what fun we could have together!

I am young but experienced. I am fun but can be strict. I have no problem spanking a naughty boy for being a little brat. Bare bottom spankings are right up my alley! Don't want to listen to me? How about I make you sit in the corner in your messy diapy for awhile until you can act right. I do it all from roleplaying to infantilism, spanking and discipline. When mommy and daddy go out, I will come over and take care of you like no one else can. Are you ready for some fun with the babysitter? Call me.
Babysitter Beth
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