Hey there sweet one. It's Mommy April. I'm here and ready to talk about all of your wildest AB/DL fantasies and stories. Mommy definitely has my share as well. I was married young, highschool sweethearts and had my first child by the time I was 19, and we just never slowed down. I have had a house full of babies. Mommy just loves being a mommy. I love everything from being pregnant, to labor and delivery, to raising babies, and everything that goes along with it - the rocking, the loving, the diapering, the disciplining, the teaching, the feeding and bathing, all of it!
Most people don't believe when they look at me - but this mommy has had 5 kids! I am just naturally blessed with a body that bounces back in to shape and then prepares for the next pregnancy.
Mommy knows everything about being a mother and I just so happen to have been married to a diaper lover who wore diapers our entire marriage and even started back when we were in high school. So I know a thing or two about everything from abies to diaper lovers and everything about being a mommy - even when it comes to discipline.

I was never a shrew and didn't believe in beating my kids, but I was definitely not afraid of some spanking. My parents spanked me, and I definitely spanked all 5 of my children and grandkids too if they misbehave. Depending on the crime determined the level of spanking, but I can definitely make a bottom burn!
Call Mommy when you are ready for a real life mommy who knows all about the ABDL lifestyle and loves being a mommy to babies of all ages!

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