Mommy Annabelle

Hello sugar pie - I'm Annabelle. I have always enjoyed playing with Adult Babies and Abies. To me the whole idea of age play and the taboos that go along with it are what makes for great phone play. I am very tickled to be here and I can't wait to play with you.

I love to be in complete control. When I am loving, there is not a Mommy who will fill up that void fuller than I will. I will coddle you and treat you with such syrupy kindness you will feel overjoyed when we're through. However, should you decide to misbehave I can dish out punishments that would make you think twice to ever cross me again.

Sissies are my favorite. I love to make my little misbehaving babies dress in frills and parade them in front of all their friends. I love diaper play and nappy humiliation too. Spankings are something to be expected with me and I can dish those out when you least expect it. So if you're looking for a Mommy who can truly make all your AB or Sissy fantasies come to life, it's time to pick up the phone and ask for Mommy Annabelle.

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